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Franck Breton Les Caillasses blanc Vendanges Manuelles 2021

Franck Breton Les Caillasses blanc Vendanges Manuelles 2021

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Dry white wine This dry white wine is fresh with mineral hints. It has scents of white flowers, lemon fruits and citrus.

Family-owned, the Franck Breton estate is located in Saint-Martin-le-Beau, one of the three communes, which with Montlouis-sur-Loire and Lussault, can boast the A.O.C. Montlouis-sur-Loire.

Extending over 8 hectares, the vines of the Franck Breton estate benefit from very absorbent but low humidity soil, the surface of which is composed of sandy soil and flint. As for the tuffeau subsoil, it allows the vines to have a rich and inexhaustible reserve of nourishing elements. Added to this quality of soil is the sunny microclimate which, between the Loire and the Cher, promotes optimal maturity of the grapes.

Coming to meet Franck Breton means meeting an available and affable man, who talks about his wines with simplicity and education. Always ready to take the time it takes, he invites his visitors to discover his wine, which he says is “the fruit of a subtle alchemy between an original grape variety, a renowned terroir and the know-how of an artisan- passionate winegrower.

Here, you will enjoy discovering the vintages of the Franck Breton estate and tasting Montlouis natural dry white, semi-dry, sweet and sparkling (brut and semi-dry), as well as A.O.C. Touraine red and rosé, natural and sparkling. Each year, the estate produces around 32,000 bottles.
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