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Famille Hauller L'Ours Pinot Noir , AOC Alsace 2022

Famille Hauller L'Ours Pinot Noir , AOC Alsace 2022

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Fruity with a nice balance, this Pinot noir is a perfect wine for charcuterie and cheese platter ! 

Famille Hauller L'Ours Pinot Noir 2022 is a beautiful interpretation of Pinot Noir, Alsace's only red grape variety, and it is an expression of the region's fine craftsmanship and traditional wine production. This wine is a celebration of the uniqueness of Alsace, both in taste and in spirit.

At first glance, the wine presents itself with a clear, radiant ruby ​​red color that promises an experience of purity and vitality. The nose meets a rich bouquet of red fruits and cherries that bring to mind Alsace's lush landscapes and summer days.

On the palate, L'Ours Pinot Noir reveals its true character: a light and fruity profile with notes of red berries, supported by a pleasant and constant acidity. This balance between fruitiness and freshness makes the wine a pleasure to drink, and it reflects the family's understanding of how to handle this delicate grape variety.

Famille Hauller L'Ours Pinot Noir 2022 is not only a tribute to Alsace, but also an invitation to experience the region's traditional wine culture. This Pinot Noir is suitable for a wide variety of dishes, from light starters to more robust main courses, and is a perfect companion for a cozy evening or a festive meal.


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