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Ètienne Doue En'Joy Champagne France

Ètienne Doue En'Joy Champagne France

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Grape Variety

Grape variety 100% Chardonnay

Blend 2016, 2017, 2018

This champagne is revealed in a lovely pale yellow color with reflections or white. A myriad of very fine bubbles sparkle in the light and encrust it with diamonds. The nose is delicate, flattering and refreshing. Acacia and lime blossom blend with Conference pear, lemon and Victoria pineapple. The palate is silky and thirst-quenching with a revival of fresh white fruits and citrus fruits. The chosen effervescence is creamy and the fine bubbles are caressing. They provide a nice texture throughout the tasting until a chalky finish and yellow citrus when ripe.

Tasting Work of goldsmiths, this champagne will accompany you in your moments of joy and sharing. As an aperitif, but it will also be the companion of a turbot au quatre, a morel puff pastry, an eel matelote, pike quenelle or pan-fried frog legs.

Serve between 6-8 ° C

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