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Champagne Vouette et Sorbée 'Textures' R20

Champagne Vouette et Sorbée 'Textures' R20

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Bertrand Gautherot used to sell grapes to other Champagne producers, but after some convincing by a famous Champagne friend (Anselme Selosse), he started producing Champagne under his own name in 2001, with his first wine released in 2004. Gautherot’s 5.5 hectares are located in the village of Buxières-sur-Arce in the Aube’s Côte des Bar, just 60km northeast of Chablis. His parcels (Vouette, Sorbée, and Biaunes) consist of Kimmeridgian marls capped by Portlandian limestone, which have more in common with the soils of Chablis’ premier and grand cru vineyards than they do with their counterparts in the Marne.

Although Vouette et Sorbée only started releasing Champagnes about 10 years ago, the domaine has grown in stature, mentioned in the same reverent conversations as rising stars Cédric Bouchard, Dominique Moreau (Marie Courtin), and Pascal Agrapart.


Wine: Textures
Appellation: Nature
Vintage: nv
Terroir: The vineyard is located in Buxieres-sur-Arce with 19 years old vines standing on calcerous clay standing on Bands of Kimmeridgian soil common to Chablis. Certified organic and biodynamic farming since 1998.
Average of vines: 19 years
Composition: 100% Pinot Blanc
Dosage: 0 g/L
Certification: Organic/biodynamic
Bottle size: 75 cl

Indigenous yeast vinified and matured in Georgian amphora burried underground with MLF but not every year, the wine undergoes a natural chilling. Aging on lees for 18 to 24 months. Nature: 0 g/l

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