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Champagne Vouette & Sorbée Cuvée Fidèle R19

Champagne Vouette & Sorbée Cuvée Fidèle R19

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Grape Variety

Champagne Extra Brut is the AOC title for one of the driest forms of the world's most famous sparkling wine. The wines may have no more than 6 grams per liter of Residual sugar. Between zero and 3g/L, the term overlaps with 'Brut Nature'.

As a thin-skinned grape variety, Pinot Noir generally has a moderate to high acidity, a low level of phenolic compounds, low to moderate levels of soft tannins and is generally paler in color than most other red wines.

Red wines range from a pale pinkish red through to the darker tones which an interior designer might recognize as Burgundy. Color and body do not necessarily intensify as price and/or quality rises, and even the deepest examples tend to have an appealing translucence and minimal opacity in the wine's core.

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