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Champagne A. Margaine Special Club Vintage , 2013

Champagne A. Margaine Special Club Vintage , 2013

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Grape Variety

It is 100% Chardonnay, aged on its lees for 5 years. From the Champagne region of France.

The Special Club was originally founded in 1971 to showcase the wines of the burgeoning Grower Champagne movement. Historically, it was difficult for Grower's to market their wines internationally and build their sales. The producers taste all of the contending wines in their still form a year after harvest, then again after three years in bottle. Special Club Champagne is only made in exceptional vintages as determined by the Special Club committee. Imagine as a producer you bottle what you believe is your best offering and it may be turned down after four years of aging (One as a still wine and three in bottle). This is a shining example of how great Grower Champagne can be, it will age basically forever but will be a great addition to a celebration or special dinner.

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