Delivery orders
1.1 Free delivery service will be offered for purchase of HK$1500 or above at our eShop to a single location. Otherwise, a delivery charge of HK$200 will apply.
1.2 Delivery can be made from Monday – Saturday, 2 – 5 working days after order placed.
1.3 Under bad weather conditions, such as typhoon signal No. 8 and unexpected situations, delivery services will be suspended. Our courier will contact customers to re-schedule delivery and no extra charge will apply.
1.4 Delivery to following remote locations is restricted to specific timeslots: Hong Kong Airport, Tung Chung, Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, Sai Kung and Outlying Island, and extra charge of HK$500 applies
1.5 Customers are advised to immediately check every item after pick-up/delivery received. Return and exchanges will not be accepted for items missing or damaged after acknowledgement of receipt.
1.6 There will be additional delivery charge of HK$100 for any rescheduled delivery due to customer’s failure/ negligence to receive the delivery within the agreed time-slot, or incorrect delivery address.

Pick-up order
2.1 For purchase under HK$1500, you can pick up at our Central showroom.
2.2 You will be notified by us via email or whatsapp when your ordered goods are available for collection at our showroom during business hours on the designated date of collection.
2.3 Pick-up orders must be collected within 1 month from the date of order.
2.4 If the ordered items remain uncollected after 1 months from the date of order, it will be deemed as customer’s forfeiture to the item and the paid amount, and the item will be handled at the sole discretion of Les Vins de Jade Ltd. without liability.

1.1 凡於本店購物滿HK$1500或以上,可享免費送貨服務。否則,將收取HK$200的運費。
1.2 送貨時間為下訂單後的2至5個工作天,星期一至星期六,公眾假期除外。
1.3 在惡劣的天氣情況下,例如8號颱風信號和其他意外情況,送貨服務將會暫停。我們的送貨團隊將與客戶聯繫以重新安排交貨時間,並且不收取任何額外費用。
1.4 以下偏遠地區 (香港機場,東涌,愉景灣,馬灣,西貢及離島) 的送貨服務僅限於特定時段,及需額外收費HK$300。
1.5 建議客戶在收到貨物後立即檢查所有物品。若收據遺失或損壞,其產品將不予退貨和換貨。
1.6 由於客戶未能/疏忽在約定的時間段內收貨或錯誤的收貨地址,重新安排的送貨將收取HK$100的送貨費。

2.1 購物未滿HK$1500,即可在我們的中環陳列室自行取貨。
2.2 當您所訂購的商品已預備就緒時,我們會通過電子郵件或Whatsapp通知您在指定的領取日期和營業時間內前來提取。
2.3 取貨單必須在訂購之日起1個月內領取。
2.4 如果自訂購之日起1個月後仍未領取訂購的物品,則該物品將視為客戶放棄這已付款產品,並且該物品將由 Les Vins de Jade Ltd.全權酌情處理,不承擔任何責任。