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Gitana Winery 'Lupi' Rezerva Red, 2017

Gitana Winery 'Lupi' Rezerva Red, 2017

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The country is separated from the western edges of the Black Sea by the Odessa province of southern Ukraine, and lies just north of Romania and Bulgaria. Moldova gained independence from Russia in 1991. It is now officially named the Republic of Moldova.

Viticulture and winemaking are imbued in Moldovan culture at various levels: in its history, its language and its traditions. The country's economy also benefits greatly from wine production. This is not only from direct sales on both local and export markets, but also from wine tourism, which is well developed. 

The country is also home to the state-owned Milestri Mici Winery just south of the capital Chisinau. This was recognized as the largest wine cellar in the world in the Guiness Book of Records in 2005. It boasts around 200 kilometers of tunnels dug into limestone, similar to the Roman excavations in Champagne. Perhaps unsurprisingly it is a major center for the production of sparkling wines.


Region :Moldova
Country: Rest of World
Grape : Red Blend
Vintage: 2017
Colour : Red

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